We set your appointments! Salary plus Commission!
Financial Services of America is immediately hiring qualified account representatives to run our appointments. Our exclusive contracts with associations like the Michigan State Retiree Association and the Michigan Association of Retired Public Employees allow us to contact their members and deliver member's benefit guides to them. You will have the opportunity to sit down with these members and offer them our services including financial and insurance products. Not only that, but we offer a competitive salary plus commissions structure so you spend less time worrying about where your next paycheck will come from and more time servicing your clients.

 Selling with us vs the other guys

We are FSA.
Financial Services of America, Inc. is a for-profit, service organization dedicated to providing the highest quality professional services to our clients. Bucking trends in the rest of the sales industry, FSA thinks differently. Financial Services of America has a system in place that can help put your selling skills to work for you. We offer you the most quality set appointments daily and the most successful sales training available in the industry. It's that simple.